LdV 2013-2015

Leonardo da Vinci project, 2013-2015

This project is to assemble an online, interactive learning tool and materials to support training in VET institutions. The subjects to be covered include timber-based architecture and woodworking skills relevant to the needs of employees and to increase the learner’s employability in the field of timber construction and heritage building restoration. The intention is to collect and analyse examples of representative timber building types and traditional wood construction details encountered across Europe. These will be presented in a virtual world application where interactivity will be incorporated through the exploration of 3D models of the selected reference constructions. Learners will be encouraged to interact with these models to learn about architectural heritage, the different woodworking techniques used and explore details of traditional connection types. This experience allows for a student-orientated and an experimental approach to learning. The material being planned will firstly provide a general overview of wood as a structural material and its various applications using informal learning methods. This resource will provide examples of the different timber species used and their use in a number of vernacular building styles to be found across a range of European regions and countries. The outcome of this project will be designed to be accessible from anywhere, across platforms, without the requirement to have access to expensive and complex CAD modelling software and with the capability for future expansions. The cross-border partnership seeks to develop this learning tool as a new model for creating interactive teaching materials and contribute to the evolution of informal learning methods particularly suited to vocational and life-long training.

other details at: http://trawcoe.com/